A luxurious ohio wedding photography experience

blending joy & connection to create romantic photos that embody your legacy


You, and your bridesmaids giggling over a lush springtime floral breeze, and sparkling glass of champagne. A gorgeous natural landscape surrounding you, with the cooing sound of morning doves echoing in the air. Excited butterflies fluttering about in your stomach! 

It may feel like your wedding day is forever away, but soon enough you'll be lovingly staring into your partner's eyes as they slip a wedding band on your finger, vowing their forever to you.

I completely understand the joy and anxiety you're feeling right now. Planning your dream day and finding the photographer to document it to perfection isn't easy. But by blending my knowledge and experience I can guide you through your dream day, promising you the memorable and easy version of your wedding without the anxiety you dread. If you are ready to focus your time, energy, and emotions on your new forever, you are in the right place! I can't wait to show you how! 

Hey, I'm Alex!

I'm so glad you're here! With my eye for detail and love for emotional keepsakes, I document the legacy of your romance. In 50 years I want you sitting on a porch swing, looking through prints of photos of where it all started.

My photography journey started 4 years ago when I hosted couples pond sessions as something exciting for couples to do, so they could escape the summer heat and do something  together that felt more like a date than a photoshoot. I of course, immediately fell in love with couples photography. Which led me here, working with cool, adventurous couples like you! 

Now I help engaged couples plan their dream weddings! Whether that dream is here in Defiance, Ohio, or across the United States in one of our 63 beautiful national parks, or even across the globe!

So let's tackle your photography fears using my experience, adventure, and creativity so you can focus on what truly matters on your wedding day.

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An authentic Defiance, Ohio photography experience designed to document your romance

Searching for a photography experience completely tailored to you and your partner? A welcoming environment where you and your partner can thrive together, being yourselves, with just enough posing and guidance that eliminates that stiff awkward feeling you dread- that's where I come in. I'm reliably known for delivering that feel-good, easy experience and so much more. 

Ready to make your wedding dreams your reality?

Me too! Simply fill out my contact form with a bit about you two, and the big day you're planning! Then, I'll be in touch within 3 business days, or less to book your consultation call or text thread (ask me more on my text threads!) to talk about your vision and ideas, any anxieties you might be having, and all of my services! That way we can start crafting your unique timeline and making your dreams happen!

"For my wedding, the photography aspect was not even a stress!”


“Literally the most lovely person to work with.”


“Alex was AWESOME! She is super personable and was great at communicating. 10/10 recommend. ”


“She captured our long for each other, and the complete silliness of our relationship.”


“She really did a wonderful job overall in regards to communication, consent, and comfortability with her!”


Finally ready to experience the jofyul, easy, & romantic wedding you've been dreaming of?